1916-C – Newport Optical Power Meters

1916-C – Newport Optical Power Meters
10 µm (High end wavelength limit)

The new Newport Model 1916-C Handheld Power Meter provides an economical means for making both low and high power measurements. The handheld style makes it great for field service, and it is intuitive enough to master in minutes.
The 1916-C meter is equipped with a DB15 input connector for direct compatibility with the Newport 818P Series High Power (Thermopile) or new 918D and 918L Series Low Power (Photodiode) Detectors. For interfacing with 818 Series Low Power Detectors, the 841-DIN adapter can be used (ordered separately).

Large LCD display
Power Measurements, 5 pW – 1 kW
Compatible with the Newport 918D, 918L, and 818P Detectors
Uses Standard AA Batteries


High end wavelength limit
10 µm

Measurement Units

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Hand-Held Optical Power Meter