U1818A Agilent Active Differential Probe, 100 kHz to 7 GHz

U1818A Agilent Active Differential Probe
100 kHz to 7 GHz

Key Features & Specifications

•Broad bandwidth with flat frequency response, +/- 1.5 dB, ensures excellent measurement accuracy and helps you achieve the best product specifications
•Low noise floor, less than -130 dBm/Hz at 10 MHz to 7 GHz, which allows measurements to be made at a low signal amplitude
•Convenient biasing from Agilent’s RF and microwave instruments probe power port or bench top power supply for user flexibility
Note: Probe head not included, must be ordered separately.

Recommended probe heads
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N5380B 12 GHz InfiniiMax differential solder-in probe head
N5382A InfiniiMax II 12 GHz differential browser
N5425A 12 GHz InfiniiMax ZIF-solder-in probe head
N5426A 12 GHz InfiniiMax ZIF-tip–kit of 10

The Agilent U1818A 100 kHz to 7 GHz active differential probe makes it easy to perform high frequency in-circuit measurements using network, spectrum and signal source analyzers. With flat frequency response, low noise floor, and direct power from instrument connection, the U1818A allows measurements to be made while taking full advantage of Agilent’s RF analyzers dynamic range.