842-PE – Newport Optical Power Meters

842-PE – Newport Optical Power Meters
10 µm (High end wavelength limit)

Introducing the newest addition to the Newport power and energy meter family – the Model 842-PE Handheld Power/Energy Meter. Its bold new look is matched by its menu-driven Windows CE™ based interface. This powerful tool is also easy to use and intuitive enough to master in minutes. While the handheld style makes it great for field service, this meter can also be networked via USB or RS-232. A special USB cable is included, while a special RS-232 cable may be purchased separately.
The built-in features of the 842-PE include a complete statistics package that lets you choose between a line plot and a histogram. Using the same screen enables you to set the data sampling parameters depending on whether a power or energy detector is being used. It is easy to recover data from measurement interferences: for example, the last value or the last period in the statistics buffer can be canceled, enabling you to continue without stopping your work. In addition, you can zero your reading when measuring pulse energy. There are also many options for saving data, saving statistics, or both.
The 842-PE meter is equipped with a DB15 input connector for direct compatibility with the Newport 818P Series High Power (Thermopile), 818E Series Energy (Pyroelectric) or new 918D and 918L Series Low Power (Photodiode) Detectors. For interfacing with 818 Series Low Power Detectors, the 841-DIN adapter can be used (ordered separately).

Measurement rep rates up to 6 kHz
Energy measurements, 0.7 uJ – 20 kJ
Power measurements, 5 pW – 10 kW
Large 3.5 inch super bright backlit LCD display
Fast anticipation algorithm for power detectors with less than 5% overshoot for all 818P heads
True measurement of RMS , PTP stability, rep rate and number of pulses with energy detectors
Data storage in both flash and RAM memories for a total of 275,000 points
Single shot energy measurement for both 818E and 818P detectors, peak power and fluence display in J/cm² or W/cm²
Lowest noise level for all type of detectors


High end wavelength limit
10 µm

Measurement Units
J, Watt, Watt/cm2

More Details
High Accuracy Hand-Held Optical Power and Energy Meter