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Calibration is a comparison between measurements – one of known magnitude or correctness made or set with one device and another measurement made in as similar a way as possible with a second device.  The device with the known or assigned correctness is called the standard. The second device is the unit under test, test instrument, or any of several other names for the device being calibrated.

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Calibration equipment is essential to ensuring your electrical systems are fully functional. Premium test equipment offers a wide choice of calibration equipment as well as calibration test services through our affiliates, Select from multifunction electronics test equipment which measure and source/simulate multiple functions such as volts and current (mA). This electronics test equipment is ideal to use throughout your facility.

Process or loop calibrators measure and source/simulate voltage and current signals to verify the correct voltage and current is being used in your process instrumentation. Pressure electronics test equipment is available in a few different styles. Hand pump electronics test equipment is available in pneumatic or hydraulic designs for up to 10,000 psi. CALL US for more advice and know that you don’t have to navigate the electronics test equipment space alone.