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Transient recorder is a powerful data acquisition system, especially designed for remote sensing applications. To meet the demanding requirements of optical signal detection, a new concept was developed to reach the best dynamic range together with high temporal resolution at fast signal repetition rates.

Digitizers are the standard tool to get analog data into a PC for further processing.  They differ in the platform, sampling rate, resolution, number of channels, memory and different modes available. There are different names for the same type of product: A/D cards, Digitizers, Transient Recorders, Data Acquisition Cards, Scope Cards, PC Scope and more.

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Our transient recorder is comprised of a fast transient digitizer with on board signal averaging, a discriminator for single photon detection and a multichannel scaler combined with preamplifiers for both systems.For analog detection the signal is amplified according to the input range selected and digitized by a 12-Bit-20/40 MHz A/D converter. A hardware adder is used to write the the summed signal into a 24-Bit wide RAM. Depending on whether trigger A or B is used, the signal is added to RAM A or B, which allows acquisitions of two repetitive channels if these signals can be measured sequentially.

At the same time the signal part in the high frequency domain is amplified and a 250 MHz fast discriminator detects single photon events above the selected threshold voltage. 64 different discriminator levels and two different settings of the preamplifier can be selected by using the acquisition software supplied. The photon counting signal is written to a 16-Bit wide summation RAM which allows averaging of up to 4094 acquisition cycles.

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