407A – Newport Optical Power Meters

407A – Newport Optical Power Meters
11 µm (High end wavelength limit)

The Model 407A Portable Power Meter is a compact and affordable unit with a thermopile included, yet offers features not found on many larger, more expensive ones. The detector head and display will fit easily into a crowded briefcase or toolbox, and battery power makes the Model 407A ideal for service calls or busy labs.
The detector can withstand 20 KW/cm2 average power density and is capable of measuring power from a few milliwatts up to > 20 Watts. The sensor delivers linear response over almost four decades of dynamic range and wavelengths ranging from UV to IR without bulky heat dumps. The head has been tested at up to 30 W with no significant loss of linearity. Readings are extremely accurate since the absorbance of the detector varies only by ± 1 % between 400 nm and 1000 nm.
The large analog meter permits quick and easy alignment of your laser, and is illuminated by two lamps whenever the charger is plugged in, allowing you to work even in the dark. To permit unattended monitoring, the signal output is also fed to an external BNC connector.
The head allows the user to use it either free-standing on its flats or with one of the three included posts (1/2” diameter) to accommodate various beam height from 3.5” (8.9 cm) to 8.3” (21.1 cm). Rechargeable batteries allow the user to operate it for at least 60 hours of continuous use on a single charge. A battery charger, which also acts as an AC power supply, is included.

Compact and affordable yet capable of high power density handling
Thermopile detector capable of measuring from mW to > 20 W included
> 60 hours of continuous battery operation
Illuminated display for operation in darkness


High end wavelength limit
11 µm

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