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Oscilloscopes are used to observe the change of an electrical signal over time, such that voltage and time describe a shape which is continuously graphed against a calibrated scale. This shape is commonly referred to as a waveform, and makes it easy to view voltage changes over time, allows measurement of peak-to-peak voltage, the frequency of periodic signals, the time between pulses, the time taken for a signal to rise to full amplitude (rise time), and relative timing of several related signals.

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Because signals are often periodic and repeat (e.g. a sine wave), multiple samples which actually vary over time may appear as a seemingly continuous image (e.g. a lissajous pattern). Many oscilloscopes (storage oscilloscopes) can also capture and freeze non-repeating waveforms for a specified time interval.

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Most modern oscilloscopes are lightweight, portable instruments that are compact enough to be easily carried by a single person. In addition to the portable units, the market offers a number of miniature battery-powered instruments for field service applications. Laboratory grade oscilloscopes, especially older units which use vacuum tubes, are generally bench-top devices or may be mounted into dedicated carts. Special-purpose oscilloscopes may be rack-mounted or permanently mounted into a custom instrument housing.

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