UFX-EbNo – Noise com Noise Generators

UFX-EbNo – Noise com Noise Generators
44.000GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The UFX-EbNo is a fully automated precision signal to noise generator that sets, and maintains a highly accurate ratio between a user supplied carrier and internally generated noise, over a wide range of signal power levels and frequencies.

The UFX-EbNo Series contains the following model numbers:

•UFX-EbNo-45 5 to 90 MHz General Purpose
•UFX-EbNo-70 50 to 90 MHz General purpose/SATCOM
•UFX-EbNo-IF1 50 to 90 MHz and 100 to 180 MHz Intelsat, SATCOM
•UFX-EbNo-IBS/IDR 50 to 90 MHz, 68 to 72 MHz, and 100 to 180 MHz Intelsat, SATCOM
•UFX-EbNo-255 240 to 270 MHz SATCOM
•UFX-EbNo-370 350 to 390 MHz NASA TDRSS
•UFX-EbNo-CATV 50 to 860 MHz in 4 bands Cable TV
•UFX-EbNo-750 650 to 850 MHz Iridium
•UFX-EbNo-892 822 to 962 MHz IS-95 (CDMA), IS-136 (TDMA)
•UFX-EbNo-892/1850 822 to 962 MHz & 1710 to 1990 MHz Dual-band CDMA
•UFX-EbNo-1200 950 to 1210 MHz & 1190 to 1450 MHz L-band modems
•UFX-EbNo-1545 1530 to 1560 MHz Inmarsat
•UFX-EbNo-1850 1710 to 1990 MHz J-STD-008 (CDMA)
•UFX-EbNo-2050 1900 to 2200 MHz Wideband CDMA
•UFX-EbNo-2442 2400 to 2484 MHz 802.11b Wireless LAN
•UFX-EbNo-5500 5000 to 6000 MHz 802.11a Wireless LAN
•UFX-EbNo-WiMAX 3,400 to 5800 MHz 802.16 WiMax
•UFX-EbNo-20000 18 to 22 GHz Military
The internal power meter provides repeatable SNR waveforms for accurate signal generation. The instrument gives system, design, and test engineers in the telecommunications industry a single tool to generate precision signal to noise ratios. These signals are used to compare theoretical BER to SNR ratios, found in “waterfall” type graphs, with measured values from the DUT to evaluate different modulation schemes. Users can obtain higher yield through automated testing, plus increased confidence from repeatable, accurate test results. Standard units can be modified for specific customer requirements. Please consult the factory for pricing and availability of these requests.

•C/N carrier to noise ratio
•C/I carrier to interferer ration
•C/No carrier to noise density ratio
•Eb/No bit energy to noise density ratio
•Custom configurations
•Accuracy of 0.2 dB RSS
•Bit Rates from 1 bps to 1 Gbs
•Variable Output Power from –55 dBm to + 5 dBm

Frequency Range Max.44.000GHz

Max. Power Densityn/a


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