R347B – Agilent / HP Noise Generators

R347B – Agilent / HP Noise Generators
40.000GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Agilent R347B noise source covers a 26.5 to 40 GHz frequency range. This waveguide noise source allows you to make accurate and convenient noise figure measurements on millimeter-wave devices. The R347B provides highly precise broadband noise at the input of the system or component under test. The noise figure meter then processes the ON/OFF ratio of noise power present in the system IF, and provides an accurate reading of noise figure and gain. The R347B noise source has remarkable ENR stability over time, which allows longer recalibration cycles and more accurate noise figure measurements.

•Performance and reliability at millimeter-wave frequencies
•Excellent ENR stability over time
•Low SWR
•1 year standard warranty

Frequency Range Max.40.000GHz

Max. Power Densityn/a


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Millimeter-Wave Noise Source, R-band