S332B – Anritsu Network Analyzers

S332B – Anritsu Network Analyzers
S332B – Anritsu Network Analyzers
3.3GHz (High end frequency limit)

Anritsu S332B with frequency coverage of 25 MHz to 3300 MHz, is ideally suited for users who work in VHF, broadcasting, paging, cellular, PCS/GSM and ISM and WLL frequency bands. The newly improved user interface, large VGA display, real time clock, alphanumeric trace naming, field replaceable battery and up to 517 data points and 200 trace storage make the Site Master ideally suited for any experience level user in commissioning and maintenance of today’s wireless systems infrastructures.

The S332B performs precision return loss/SWR, cable loss and distance-to-fault measurements in the presence of RF interference. An optional power monitoring is available to make power measurement quickly and easily. The S332B spectrum analysis range is from 100 kHz to 3 GHz.

Technicians and field engineers can easily identify and solve RF system problems such as coverage, interference and other path related signal problems.

•Synthesizer based Spectrum Analysis
•Accurate Test of Antenna Systems and Active/Passive Components
•Built-in Distance-To-Fault
•Immunity to Live Site RF Interference Synthesizer Accurate to 75 ppm
•Trace Storage
•Automatically date/time stamp
•Alphanumeric labeling give distinct names
•Extended memory capacity to 200 memory locations
•Large VGA Display (640X480) Display
•Resolution Settings can be adjusted to 130, 259 and 517 data points
•Instrument calibration is valid in all data point setting
•10 user configurations include calibrations
•Field Replaceable Battery- No tools required
•24 customized downloadable cable parameters
•Math Functions: Trace – Memory, Trace + Memory Reverse, over-voltage and under-voltage protection
•Wattmeter Option
•Direct Printer Control via RS232 Serial Port

High end freq limitNetwork

Instrument Type3.30GHz


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