E5070B – Agilent / HP Network Analyzers

E5070B – Agilent / HP Network Analyzers
3.00GHz (High end frequency limit)

The E5070B advanced usability such as 10.4 inch LCD, touch screen, built-in Microsoft ®Visual Basic ® for Application (VBA), and 2 and 4-port electronic calibration (ECal) increases your productivity. The LAN connectivity, in addition to GPIB, offers an easy connection to your PC environment. Built-in 2, 3, and 4 test ports provide simultaneous measurement of all signal paths for components with up to four ports. This advanced architecture minimizes the number of sweeps to complete a multiport measurement and further improves test throughput. The combination of the 4-port E5070B and the E5091A multiport test set offers a test solution for up to 9 ports (or up to 14 ports with two E5091A test sets), and is tailored for testing multiport wireless components such as handset front end modules. The E5070B provides built-in balanced measurement capability, which enables you to test balanced components such as SAW filters, differential amplifiers, and high-speed digital cables/connectors. It provides mixed-mode S-parameter measurements with a fixture simulator function that includes matching circuit embedding, test fixture de-embedding, and impedance conversion capabilities.

•300 kHz to 3 GHz 125 dB dynamic range at test port (typical)
•9.6 µs/point sweep speed
•0.001 dB rms trace noise
•Integrated 2-, 3- and 4-ports with balanced measurements
•Fixture embedding/de-embedding and port characteristic impedance conversion
•Time domain transform with gating
•Built-in Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA)

High end freq limitS-Parameter

Instrument Type3.00GHz


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