N2894A Agilent Passive Probe

N2894A Agilent Passive Probe
700 MHz
Key Features & Specifications

•700 MHz bandwidth
•10:1 attenuation ratio
•9.5 pF input capacitance
•10 MΩ input resistance (when terminated into 1 MΩ scope input)
•400 V CAT I and 300 V CAT II maximum input voltage
•Scope compensation range: 10 – 25 pF

The N2894A passive probe offers DC to 700 MHz and 10:1 attenuation factor to address a wide range of measurement needs.

Compact 2.5-mm probe head diameter, low input capacitance, and various fine-pitch probe tip accessories make the Agilent N2894A Series passive probes ideal for probing densely populated IC components or surface-mount devices used in today’s high-speed digital applications.

The sharp probe tip is spring loaded to help engineers keep the probe from slipping off the device under test. Insulating IC caps keep the small probe tip centered on the IC lead and prevent it from shorting adjacent leads. Standard flat blade ground connector and self-adhesive copper ground pad help reduce ground inductance while offering easy ground access. Optional probe tip accessories provide specialized capabilities for demanding applications.

This probe is compatible with Agilent InfiniiVision 4000 X Series oscilloscopes with 1 MΩ input. The N2894A provides 700 MHz system bandwidth
when used in conjunction with the 4000 X-Series 1 GHz/1.5 GHz models.