N2890A Agilent Passive Probe

N2890A Agilent Passive Probe
500 MHz
Key Features & Specifications

•Bandwidth: DC to 500MHz
•Risetime: 700 psec (10%-90%)
•Attenuation ratio: 10:1
•Input resistance: 10 MΩ (when terminated to 1MΩ)
•Input capacitance: ~11 pF
•Maximum input: 300 V RMS (or >400Vpk) CAT I and CAT II
•Cable length: 1.3 m
•Probe ID pin: Yes
•Scope compatibility: 1000, 2000X, 3000X, 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 Series
The Agilent N2890A low-cost 10:1 passive probe provides up to 500 MHz bandwidth and features a high input resistance of 10 MΩ to address a wide range of measurement needs with low probe loading.

The probe can be adjusted for low-frequency compensation and high-frequency compensation. For the best measurements you should compensate your probe to match its characteristics to the oscilloscope.

This probe is compatible with Agilent InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes with 1 MΩ input.