AQ6331 – Ando Optical Spectrum Analyzers

AQ6331 – Ando Optical Spectrum Analyzers
1700 nm (High end wavelength limit)

The AQ6331 is a newly developed portable optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) with the high performance required for 50 GHz and 100 GHz DWDM network testing, in both the C and L bands. The AQ6331 is compact, yet has all the features required for DWDM system evaluation. Further, it has excellent wavelength resolution, with accuracy and dynamic range equal to that of any conventional bench-top OSA used in research and development applications. The AQ6331 OSA is suitable both for the installation and maintenance of DWDM systems and for research and development applications.

•Compact and lightweight
•High wavelength accuracy
•Internal wavelength calibration function
•High dynamic range and high wavelength resolution
•High power measurement
•Low polarization dependency
•Long-term analysis function
•Convenient programming function
•Individual traces of three wave-forms
•Internal high-speed printer
•Large 8.4-inch display

Form Factor Portable

High end wavelength limit 1700 nm

Wavelength Resolution 50.0pm

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