5P200C – Anritsu Optical Power Meters

5P200C – Anritsu Optical Power Meters
1625 nm (High end wavelength limit)

The CMA5 Series Power Meters are economical, accurate and easy to use handheld units for attenuation and power throughput measurements on point-to-point fiber optic links.

They feature a rugged design, built to withstand the difficult testing environment of fiber optic cable installation and maintenance. A large LCD display and a dual-way powering system including a 9V battery and an optional power adapter, ensure the CMA5 Series will adapt to any situation. With no warm up time, fast response time, auto-zeroing capabilities and tone detection, the CMA5 Series helps reduce measurement time.

The CMA5 Power Meters are ideal for testing single-mode and multimode fibers in various types of applications, thanks to multiple wavelength calibration at 850/1300 nm for datacom testing needs, 1310/1550/1625 nm for all WDM testing, as well as 1490 nm for FTTx testing needs.

Pocket-sized and rugged design
Three-year warranty
Multiple calibration wavelengths to address all network types: datacom, multimedia, WDM as well as FTTx
High input power capacity enables optical amplifier characterization and multimedia/CATV measurements
Connector adapters for 5P200C: LC, FC, SC, ST

Fiber Optic

High end wavelength limit
1625 nm

Measurement Units
dBm, Watt

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