10076B Agilent High Voltage Probe

10076B Agilent High Voltage Probe
250 MHz
Key Features & Specifications

•Bandwidth (-3 dB): 250 MHz
•Risetime (calculated):
•Attenuation ratio: 100:1
•Input resistance: 66.7 M ohm (when terminated into 1 M ohm)
•Input capacitance: 3 pF (approximate)
•Compensation range: 7-20 pF
•Maximum input: 4000 Vpk
•Length: 1.8 m
The Agilent 10076B 4 kV, 100:1 passive probe gives you the voltage and bandwidth you need for making high-voltage measurements. Its compact design makes it easier to probe today’s small power electronics components and its rugged construction means it can withstand rough handling without breaking.

Compatible with 2000 X-, 3000 X-, 4000 X-, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 Series oscilloscopes.