10074D Agilent Passive Probe

10074D Agilent Passive Probe
150 MHz
Key Features & Specifications

•Risetime (calculated):
•Input resistance: 10 MOhm; (when terminated into 1 MOhm;)
•Input capacitance: 15 pF (approximate)
•Mains isolated: 500 V CAT I
•Post receptacle mains: 400 V CAT II
•Compensation range: 9-17 pF
The Agilent 10074D 150 MHz passive probe is a great choice if you are looking for high quality at a very reasonable price. This general purpose probe is designed specifically to give you optimal performance with your 6000 Series 100 MHz models and 54620 Series oscilloscopes. Ruggedized for general purpose measurements, the 10074C features a durable cable and a solid stainless steel probe body encased with a hard, fracture-resistant plastic.

•General purpose retractable hook tip – hooks onto wires and test points for hands-free probing
•Ground bayonet – provides short, flexible ground lead for high-frequency measurements
•General purpose alligator clip ground lead – allows for versatile grounding
•Color tags (2 tags in each color: orange, white, blue and green) – by placing tags at both ends of the probe cable, you can quickly identify your probes