YOPM100 – Tektronix Optical Power Meters

YOPM100 – Tektronix Optical Power Meters
1625 nm (High end wavelength limit)

If you are installing or maintaining fiber cable to handle the burgeoning network capacity requirements of today, you need tools that can help you get the work done more quickly. The two YOPM Series Optical Power Meters are part of a broad line of Tektronix measurement solutions for fiber installation and maintenance (I & M) needs. The YOPM Series delivers performance and versatility that will save precious time while assuring the quality levels your network customers demand.

The Tektronix YOPM Series optical power meters are uncompromised instruments designed to connect to the PCMICIA socket on a Tektronix Y350 NetTek Analyzer. In the NetTek Analyzer environment, the YOPM meters work in conjunction with powerful Y-Series OTDR modules to create a portable yet comprehensive toolset for fiber I & M measurements. Because the YOPM meters plug into the NetTek Analyzer PCMCIA slot, the analyzer’s main module bay is free to accept up to four OTDR modules. Now you can carry just one tool into the field to address many wavelengths and spans.

The YOPM Series optical power meters bring NIST-traceable accuracy to your fiber measurements at every common telecommunication wavelength. With one meter, you can measure 850 nm LANs , 980 nm EDFA lasers, or 1625 nm DWDM service channels with equal ease and precision.

Two YOPM models embrace a vast range of power levels. The Standard Range YOPM100 handles a power range from +3 dBm to -53 dBM. The Extended Range YOPM200 reaches from +25 dBm to -40 dBM. Because they are compact, interchangeable PCMCIA-based modules, it is a simple matter to configure a toolset for your specific application needs.

The YOPM Series optical power meters are packed with features that expedite record-keeping and reporting. Unlike conventional power meters which permit only one measurement to be stored and viewed at a time, the YOPM Series lets you store and view tests in a configurable table. You can design this table to match your system patch panel configuration. This is a feature that saves time and reduces errors when recovering and analyzing test results. Storing results is a fast, one-button operation from the control screen.

Two Models Handle All Prevailing Fiber Wavelengths and Power Needs
NIST-traceable Accuracy
Tabular Test Result Conform to your System Patching Layout, Simplifying Analysis
Compatible with Y350 NetTekā„¢ Analyzer
PCMCIA-based Connectivity to NetTek Analyzer Leaves Main Module Slots Free for Other Instruments (e.g. OTDRs)

Fiber Optic

High end wavelength limit
1625 nm

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