VT1432B – VXI Technology Transient Recorders / Digitizers

strong>VT1432B – VXI Technology Transient Recorders / Digitizers

102kSa/sec (Max Sample Rate)

•8 input ranges including a 100mV range allows use of low sensitivity transducers
•True balanced differential inputs
•On-board user-programmable DSP greatly improves total system performance
•User programmable digital anti-alias filters, with API controllable
•FIR and Bessel filter FIR digital anti-alias filter provides linear phase response for accurate single and cross channel measurements
•Multiple breakout box options with built-in signal conditioning including charge inputs, simplify tests and reduce cost
•Optional arbitrary source or dual input tachometer
•32 MB on card FIFO memory plus optional local bus allows data records up to 146 GB with the VT2216A VXI data disk, and larger data files to external SCSI disks

Max Sample Rate102kSa/sec


Resolution24 bits

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High-speed Digitizer