VM2616 – VXI Technology Transient Recorders / Digitizers

strong>VM2616 – VXI Technology Transient Recorders / Digitizers

100kSa/sec (Max Sample Rate)

The VM2616 digitizer provides 16 independent channels of an analog to digital converter (ADC) with 16 bits of resolution and a sample rate of up to 100 kSa/s per channel. Each channel consists of an independent ADC combined with its own instrumentation amplifier, providing a true differential input.

Each group of four channels has a separate bank of memory which can be allocated to one, two, three or four converters. This allows for the most efficient use of the available memory.

•16 Independent 16-bit A/D Converters per Instrument
•Each Channel has its own Instrumentation Amplifier for a True Differential Output
•Up to 48 A/D Converters per VXIbus C-size slot
•Flexible Triggering Capability
•±0.1 to ±40 Volt Input Ranges and up to 100 kHz Sampling Rate per Channel
•SCPI Compatible
•VXIplug&play Drivers

Max Sample Rate100kSa/sec


Resolution16 bits

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