TOS8870A – Kikusui Hipots

TOS8870A – Kikusui Hipots
5.000kV (Max. Output AC Voltage)

The TOS8870A is a combination of a withstanding voltage tester and an insulation resistance tester, and it is capable of performing Withstanding Voltage Test and Insulation Resistance Test in one continuous process. (Choice of setting arrangement: AUTO AC to IR, AUTO IR to ACW, MANU.ACW, MANU.IR.)
The Tester can provide a maximum output of 5kV and an output capacity of 500VA (AC), and can be used for hipot test for the electrical equipment and components in compliance with major electrical standards and ordinances. As for the insulation resistance tester, the tester has two ranges of 500V/1000M ohm and 1000V/2000M ohm.

Capable of performing hipot test and insulation resistance test in one continuous process
Hipot Tester : Maximum Output AC 5kV/100mA and Output Capacity 500VA
Insulation resistance in 2 ranges: 500V/1000M ohm and 1000V/2000M ohm
Output characteristics complied with JIS C 1302-1994 for Insulation/Resistance testing
Voltmeter : JIS class 1
GO-NOGO judgment with a window comparator type
Remote control function
PASS, FAIL contact signal output
Equipped with Digital Timer : 0.2sec to 99.9sec/1sec to 999sec
Downsized approximately 30% in volume (compared to the existing type)

Max. Output AC Voltage

Max. Output DC Voltage

Output AC Current

Output DC Current

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Withstanding Voltage and Insulation Resistance Tester