THS720P – Tektronix Scope / Meters

THS720P – Tektronix Scope / Meters
100.0MHz (Bandwidth)

The TekScopeĀ® THS700 Series Oscilloscope/DMM combines a full-featured real-time oscilloscope with a True RMS digital multimeter in rugged, battery-operated instruments. Scope and meter modes can operate simultaneously and independently on the same or separate signals. The high-resolution, backlit display and pop-up menus make it easy for users to take full advantage of the many features of the instrument. These include cursors, video trigger, voltage and resistance measurements, and storage of waveforms, data, and instrument setups. In addition, they offer the most comprehensive triggering capabilities – external trigger and extensive triggering including delay, pulse width, and video.

The THS720P Oscilloscope/DMM includes features to address the needs of electrical/power electronics measurements.

Two independently floating isolated scope and DMM channels for safety
3-3/4 DMM with Datalogger
Full Floating Measurement Capability up to 600 VRMS
8 ns Glitch apture
Rugged design and extra bright backlit light for work in challenging environments
Roll Mode
21 Automatic Measurements
Measures Harmonics
Automatic Power Measurement with Statistics
Advanced Trigger
1 kV High-voltage Probes
RS-232 Progammability/Communications
NiCd battery, AC adapter and deluxe soft carrying case for maximum portability in the field
Deluxe Soft Carrying Case


Sample Rate

DCV, ACV, Resistance, Continuity, Diode, TRMS, dBm

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