SMR40 – Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators

SMR40 – Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators
40.00GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
With the addition of the two new models R&S SMR50 and R&S SMR60, the Microwave Signal Generator R&S SMR family now covers the range from 10 MHz to 60 GHz while still providing an outstanding price/performance ratio. Its various options offer access to a wide field of applications in production and R&D, where the R&S SMR can be used as a synthesizer or complete signal generator. When equipped with the optional analog frequency and level sweep, the R&S SMR is an ideal tracking generator for scalar network analysis, and the internal IF upconverter allows the generation of vector-modulated signals up to 40 GHz.

•Standard version:
◦CW generator with pulse modulation and digital frequency sweep
◦Easily upgradeable to AM/FM signal generator and synthesized sweep
generator with analog ramp sweep owing to flexible options concept
•High and precise output level
•High spectral purity
•Analog ramp sweep
•Optional pulse generator for radar and EMC applications
•Optional IF input for upconversion of digitally modulated IF signals
•Compact, lightweight, user-friendly:ideal in the lab and for field
•Compact size (only 2 HU)
•3-year calibration cycle

Frequency Range Max.40.00GHz

Freq. Resolution100.0mHz

Output Power>+9 dBm (at 30/40 GHz)

ModulationAM, FM, Pulse, Scan, Phase, FSK, ASK

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