SFG-2104 – GW Instek Function Generators

SFG-2104 – GW Instek Function Generators
4.0MHz (Frequency Range Max.)
•DDS Technology and FPGA Chip
•Design Frequency Range:0.1Hz – 4MHz
•High Frequency Accuracy : ± 20ppm
•High Frequency Stability : ± 20ppm
•Frequency Resolution :100mHz
•Low Distortion Sine Wave:-55dBc,0.1Hz~200kHz
•Front Panel Setting Save/Recall with 10 Groups of Setting Memories
•Build-in 6 Digits 150MHz/High Resolution Counter
•INT/EXT AM/FM Modulation
•LIN/LOG Sweep Mode

Frequency Range Max.4.0MHz

Waveform OutputsSine, Square, Triangle, TTL, CMOS

ModulationAM, FM, LIN/LOG Sweep

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DDS Function Generator