SDA 760Zi – LeCroy Serial Data Analyzers

SDA 760Zi – LeCroy Serial Data Analyzers
6.0GHz (Bandwidth)
SDA 7 Zi Serial Data Analyzers are based on the WavePro 7 Zi Series oscilloscope and are equipped with double the standard memory to capture more unit intervals in the eye diagram. They include an enhanced high-speed serial pattern trigger that operates on up to 80 bit patterns and at speeds up to 2.7 Gb/s. Whether debugging eye pattern failures, or other compliance test failures, the SDA Series has easily accessible tools that rapidly isolate the source of the problem in your design.

Unleash the power of Serial Data analysis for understanding and characterizing your design, proving compliance and why a device or host fails compliance. The Quad Summary View of the SDA always shows the eye, TIE, bathtub curve and jitter histogram. No other Analyzer lets you see the simultaneous interaction and real-time changes in all four measurements. The X Stream II Architecture provides fast updates and the fastest eye interpretation. The fastest eye building and the maximum unit intervals per second means the shortest time to understanding. A high-speed serial trigger enables triggering on up to 2.7 GB/s serial patterns or up to 80-bits in length. Jitter calculations are based on statistics. With the most advanced long memory performance to 256 Mpts/Ch and X-Stream II enabled responsiveness, jitter breakdown occurs rapidly.

•LeCroy’s unique summary view displays the Eye Pattern, TIE, Bathtub Curve and Jitter Histogram all on the screen at the same time
•Cable De-Embedding feature permits SDA tools to be used as if the cables were not in the system
•Serial data compliance testing; Ethernet, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.2, PCI Express (2.5 GT/s), Serial ATA (1.5 Gb/s), UWB
•Automated Compliance Testing
•Serial Trigger
•8b/10b Decoding
•Spread Spectrum Clock
•Mask Violation Locator
•ISI Plot



Sample Rate20.0GSa/sec

Memory Depth20 Mpts/Ch

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SDA 7 Zi Serial Data Analyzers

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