SDA 18000 – LeCroy Serial Data Analyzers

SDA 18000 – LeCroy Serial Data Analyzers
18.0GHz (Bandwidth)
The LeCroy SDA family of products, built on the world fastest Real time Oscilloscope architecture, delivers outstanding real time measurement solutions for signal with data rates up to 10 Gbit/s and combines the analysis capability of several different class of equipment in one single box solution.

The SDA 18000 serial data analyzer is a true breakthrough in signal analysis. It delivers very high bandwidth (18 GHz), as well as a combined highest sampling rate of 60 GS/s and longest memory of up to 150 million points available in a real-time test instrument.

Based on the most advanced digital oscilloscope platform in the industry, the SDA 18000 is a 4-channel real-time analyzer that offers outstanding analysis capability, accurate jitter analysis, and pristine signal fidelity up to 10 Gbit/s data rate. The SDA 9000 serial data analyzer delivers 9 GHz analog front end bandwidth with up to 40 GS/s and memory depths up to 100 Mpts/channel.

•Compliance test solutions for SDA product family
•8b/10b software decoding software tool up to 4 lanes simultaneously
•Q-Scale factor based Jitter Analysis for more accurate and repeatable jitter measurements. Complete jitter measurement solutions with RJ/DJ breakdown
•Precision numerical clock recovery with adjustable PLL response
•Support for Spread spectrum clock jitter measurements
•Differential Probing solutions for Serial Data Analysis



Sample Rate60.0GSa/sec

Memory Depth150 Mpts/ch (with option)

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