R6552T – Advantest Digital Multimeters

R6552T – Advantest Digital Multimeters
200.0V (Vdc High Range)

The R6552 Series is a digital multimeter designed for system or bench use with the maximum display of 319999, featuring GPIB and RS232 interfaces with full remote control capability.
ADVANTEST”s unique multi-slope integral A/D conversion method ensures high speed and high precision measurements.
Maximum display : 319999

External trigger input, end-of-measurement signal output (standard)
NULL, smoothing, scaling, dB/dBm, comparator, and MAX/MIN operation capabilities
Parameter backup (4 kinds)
High speed auto ranging for optimum setting of measurement ranges
Fluorescent display tube for enhanced viewing

Vdc High Range


DCV, Resistance, 2/4 Wire Resistance, dBm

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