R6452A – Advantest Digital Multimeters

R6452A – Advantest Digital Multimeters
1.0kV (Vdc High Range)

The R6451A/6452A series digital multimeters were designed for diverse applications.
The R6452A is a full-functioned DMM with dual-channel input and dual display.

Dual-Channel Input for New Measurement Environment
Maximum Display of 199999 (with a Sampling Rate of 2.5 Times/Second) and Maximum Sampling Rate of 80 Times/Second (with a Maximum Display of 1999)
AC + DC Voltage/Current Measurement
Standard RS-232C Interface and Optional GPIB Interface and BCD Data Output Units
Memory Card (SRAM Card Conforming to JEIDA Ver.4) Ensures Data Compatibility with Personal Computers
Various Interfaces Can be Implemented for Automated Measurements
Optional Battery Unit Allows the Use as a High-Performance DMM for Field Measurement

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, Resistance, Continuity, Diode, DCA, ACA, Frequency, TRMS, Temperature, dBm

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