Q8384 – Advantest Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Q8384 – Advantest Optical Spectrum Analyzers
1700 nm (High end wavelength limit)
The Q8384 is a high-end optical spectrum analyzer using a new monochromator developed by ADVANTEST and featuring a high dynamic range and a high wavelength resolution. It offers the highest level of performance in the world with a 10 pm wavelength resolution and a 20 pm wavelength accuracy in the 1.55 µm band. This enables precise measurement and evaluation of wavelength characteristics.

•High-wavelength resolution of 10 pm
•High-wavelength precision of 20 pm
•Wide dynamic range 50 dB (±0.1 nm) and 60 dB (±0.2 nm)
•Direct input of large signals : +23 dBm (200mW)
•Diverse WDM analysis functions
•Measurement of NF noise indices of EDFAs
•Unique limit line function with Pass/Fail judgment

Form Fact or Bench top

High end wavelength limit 1700 nm

Wavelength Resolution 10.0pm

Instrument Type n/a

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