PPM-350B – EXFO Optical Power Meters

PPM-350B – EXFO Optical Power Meters
1550 nm (High end wavelength limit)

The industrys first PON-specific power meter, the PPM-350B is the flagship of EXFOs line of test instruments specifically intended for FTTH and FTTP systems. The PPM-352B-EG-ER is the ideal tool for FTTH/FTTP service activation and troubleshooting.
Optimizing network reliability requires that all PON signals be measured all the way through service activation to ensure they meet established standards.
Throughout the maintenance phase, various transmission problemsfiber cuts, damaged/dirty connectors, macrobendings, optical transmitter failure, etc.may ultimately cause signal loss or degradation.
Benefit from the PPM-350Bs troubleshooting functionalities.

New PPM-352B-EG-ER: the only power meter truly optimized for EPON and GPON architectures
Quick, on-site test and measurement of PON signals, anywhere on the network
Fault identification and isolation
Pass-through connection for ONT signal measurement and simultaneous measurement of all PON signals
Filtered detectors for individual measurement of each wavelength
Upstream burst detection at 1310 nm
Pass/warning/fail indicators (10 threshold sets) for easy assessment of power valuesanywhere on the network
Simultaneous measurement and display of all PON signalsvoice, data and video
Filtered measurements, providing distinct power values for each signal (1310 nm, 1490 nm and 1550 nm)
Two-port pass-through configurations* enabling full OLT-to-ONT communication while testing
The most easy-to-use instrument of its kind: simply connect the fiber and read the results
Extended-range for testing at the central office (CO) and before the splitter
Go-anywhere versatility: enables quick, accurate testing all across the network

Fiber Optic

High end wavelength limit
1550 nm

Measurement Units

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