PM 6303A – Fluke RLC Impedance Meters

PM 6303A – Fluke RLC Impedance Meters
1kHz (Test Freq. Range High)

The PM 6303A is the fast and simple way to get information about the value and electrical characteristics of any component. Just connect the component and read-out the value, the units and the equivalent circuit diagram from the large, backlit LCD display. This versatile meter gives you 9 specific parameter tests, with switchable dc bias for components that need it. At the push of a button you can select series or parallel resistance, capacitance, inductance, impedance, Q (quality) and D (dissipation) factors, and phase angle.

Connection of test components is quick and simple; either directly to the detachable test posts which are conveniently located on the front panel, or using the PM 9542A universal test adapter. The optional PM 9541A test cable with Kelvin clips provides a unique solution for flexible attachment to mounted components while retaining the extra accuracy of the 4-wire measurement principle.

The PM 6303A also handles surface-mount devices (SMDs) quickly and efficiently, using the optional SMD accessories. All measurements are made using a 4-wire technique, which ensures high-accuracy measurements, even for low-impedance components.

Thanks to its easy operation, the PM 6303A is the ideal choice for general-purpose component testing in service and troubleshooting, component identification in the lab, quality control, batch sampling and incoming inspection, to name just a few. Its clear, simple operation and quick results display make it equally ideal for education and training.

Easy-to-use, at-a-glance display of relevant information
0.25 % basic accuracy
2V DC internal bias
Automatic zero trimming
Front-panel test posts for immediate 4-wire measurements

Test Freq. Range High1kHz

Resistance Range High200MOhm

Capacitance Range High100 mF

MeasurementsZ, Rac, L, C, Q, D, Phase, Rdc, Lx

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Automatic RCL Meter