NRVD – Rohde & Schwarz Power Meters RF

NRVD – Rohde & Schwarz Power Meters RF
40.00GHz (Frequency Range – High)

The NRVD covers a total bandwidth of 40 GHz and a power span from 100 pW up to the kW range. Being individually and absolutely calibrated, the measuring heads can be interchanged as required without impairing specified error limits.

The wide range of measuring heads includes thermal power sensors as well as highly sensitive diode power sensors, peak power sensors, probes and insertion units for voltage measurements.

Two independent channels performing simultaneous measurements
LC display with variable backlighting, separate digital readout for each channel, bargraph indicator
Menu-guided operation with softkeys
IEC/IEEE-bus interface (optionally SCPI or compatible with URV5)
Entry of reference values for level and attenuation
13 digital filters for noise suppression, automatic or manual filter selection
Storage of 20 complete instrument setups
Input/output option with DC frequency input, analog outputs, trigger input, ready output
Large variety of intelligent sensors: plug and play
Rear connectors for sensors
Sensor check source

Freq. Range High


NRV-Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z15, Z31, Z32, Z33, Z51, Z52, Z53, Z54, Z55

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