NGPV20/10 – Rohde & Schwarz Power Supplies

NGPV20/10 – Rohde & Schwarz Power Supplies
20.0V (Max. Voltage)
Power Supplies of the NGPV series are suitable for use in test systems and for general laboratory applications.

Each model comes in two versions: The version for use in systems and labs can be programmed via IEC/IEEE bus or operated manually. These power supplies are provided with the necessary operating controls, a digital LED display for indication of all input data including IEC/IEEE-bus commands, and analog meters for indication of actual voltage and current values. The system version is without operating controls so that models for use in systems are lower-priced.

Power Supplies NGPV are ideal for use in systems because of the short setting time of 2 ms which applies both to the rise time and thanks to controlled current sinking also to the fall time.
The NGPV models have no discrete output capacitance so that they can be used for regulating extremely low currents. Relay contacts will not be damaged by switching of current paths. A larger output capacitor can be switched into circuit manually or via the program.

Remote sensing is a particularly system-friendly mode since it is set automatically with no sensing links involved. In the sensing mode, the maximum output voltage of the power supply exceeds the specified nominal voltage only by the amount of the voltage drop in the leads. The load is thus fully protected, even in the presence of a shortcircuit, wrong polarity or interruption of the sensing leads.

Digital setting, high resolution
No discrete output capacitance, true current source
Programmable via IEC/IEEE bus and manual control
Short setting time for down programming thanks to current sinking
Two current ranges – high-resolution current monitoring output
Display of operating status and faults
Thermostat-controlled cooling fan
19″ design

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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Programmable Power Supply