N7745A – Agilent / HP Optical Power Meters

N7745A – Agilent / HP Optical Power Meters
1650 nm (High end wavelength limit)

Agilent’s new N7744A and N7745A optical power meters with four or eight power-sensor channels provide manufacturing customers with increased throughput and operational efficiency to meet today’s challenges in manufacturing. Designed for characterizing optical multiport components, these optical power meters offer industry-leading solutions for device connectivity, high-speed measurement data acquisition and fast data transfer for post-processing. The multiport power meter enables fast measurement solutions for all multiport devices; for example multiplexers, PON splitters, wavelength selective switches (WSS) and ROADMs, as well as compact setups for simultaneous testing of multiple single-port devices.

These power meters achieve a level of space-saving channel density that is new in the industry. This is complemented by the ease of integrating multiple instruments into a single setup with parallel programming over the LAN or USB connections. For example four N7745A can be used to measure 32 channels on a platform that is only two rack units high. A single N7745A is only one rack unit high and a half-rack wide.

With this new power meter comes the unprecedented N7740 fiber connectivity concept, which is a quadruple adapter (quad-adapter) with a snap-on quick-locking mechanism. The device to be tested can be connected to the quad-adapter in a comfortable ergonomic working position, even while the instrument is measuring another device. Then the quad-adapter can quickly be snapped on, to provide repeatably high-precision connections. Use of the quad-adapter simplifies aligning connector keys, especially for rack-mounted instruments and makes it easier to connect ports in the desired order, helping to avoid errors and connector damage.

8-port power meter
1 µs minimum averaging time
Dynamic range up to 65dB in swept and logging applications without ranging
Power uncertainty of ±2.5 %
Low polarization dependence of <±0.01 dB
High bandwidth, up to 240 kHz 3dB-cutoff
1250 to 1650 nm wavelength range
Patented 4-port optical connector interface for FC, SC, LC, MU and bare-fiber
Built-in Memory for 1 Mio. averaged power values per channel
LAN, USB and GPIB programming interfaces
Code compatibility to Agilent’s Lightwave measurement system platform

Fiber Optic

High end wavelength limit
1650 nm

Measurement Units

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