N5182B-503 – Agilent / HP Signal Generators

N5182B-503 – Agilent / HP Signal Generators
3.00GHz (Frequency Range Max.)

Signal characteristics • 9 kHz to 3 GHz
• +24 dBm specified power to 3 GHz with electronic attenuator
• -146 dBc phase noise at 1 GHz and 20 kHz offset
• ≤-73 dBc ACP W-CDMA 64 DPCH and <0.4% EVM 160 MHz 802.11ac Modulation and sweep • AM, FM, ØM, and narrow pulse • 10 MHz multifunction generator and LF out • Digital step and list sweep modes • l/Q Modulation: ASK, FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM, custom I/Q Baseband generation and signal creation • 160 MHz internal baseband generator (+/- 0.2 dB flatness): arbitrary waveform and real-time I/Q • 1 Gsample playback memory and 30 GB internal or 8 GB external, removable memory • Arbitrary and real-time signals: LTE, HSPA+, WLAN, GNSS, DVB, and more – Signal Studio, embedded, or MATLAB software • Multi-channel baseband generation with N5102A digital I/O, MIMO, and RF fading with PXB baseband generator and channel emulator Automation and communication interface • 1000BaseT LAN, LXI, USB 2.0, and GPIB • SCPI, IVI-COM, MATLAB drivers • Backward compatible with ESG, MXG, PSG, 8648x, and more • Agilent USB power sensor compatible with embedded display and SCPI control Specifications Frequency Range Max. 3.00GHz Freq. Resolution 0.01 Hz Output Power +18 dBm Modulation AM, FM, Pulse, Phase More Details MXG X-Series RF Vector Signal Generator