N2893A Agilent AC/DC Current Probe

N2893A Agilent AC/DC Current Probe
100 MHz
Key Features & Specifications

•Wide bandwidth: DC to 100MHz
•High S/N ratio, low current measurement capability
•15A peak, 15ADC, 10Arms continuous, 30A peak non-continuous
•Easy protect function at excessive input
•Auto demagnetization (degauss) and calibration removes any residual magnetism and unwanted DC offset in the probe
•Compatible with high impedance AutoProbe interface
•For use with 80000/90000 Series, use N278xA current probe with N2779A power supply and E2697A high impedance adapter
•For use with 90000 X-Series, use the N5449A high impedance probe adapter
The Agilent N2893A is a 100 MHz bandwidth, active current probe for InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscopes. The probe features flat bandwidth (DC-100MHz), low noise(

The N2893A is ideal for capturing transient current signals such as those found in motor controllers, in switching power supplies, inverters and current amplifiers driving inductive loads