N2887A Agilent InfiniiMax Soft touch Pro probe adapter

N2887A Agilent InfiniiMax Soft touch Pro probe adapter
Key Features & Specifications

•Adapts from the Agilent Pro Series (36 ch) Soft touch connectorless logic analyzer foot print to the Agilent InfiniiMax I & II series probe amplifier input connectors
•Supports the Pro Series Soft touch single-ended and differential footprints and pin-outs
•Up to 4 GHz bandwidth
•Input R : 25 kΩ each input to ground, 50 kΩ between inputs
•Comes with 5 retention modules
•Use N2887-60002 deskew fixture to eliminate timing skew between channels
Agilent has developed connectorless logic analyzer probes based on soft touch probing technology. Connectorless logic analyzer probing removes the connector that is traditionally attached to the target board and replaces it with an array of probe pods. This reduces the probe load on the target by eliminating the loading associated with the physical body of the connector.

The N2887A InfiniiMax Soft touch Pro probe head adapts from the Agilent Pro Series Soft touch foot print to the GPO input connectors of the Agilent InfiniiMax 1130A-1134A and 1168A-69A Series probe amplifier, enabling users to make a high density, multi-channel probing. Each adapter can support both the Soft Touch Single-ended and Differential footprints and pin-outs.

Refer to the “Agilent Technologies E5400-Pro Series Soft Touch Connectorless Probes” user’s guide for details of the Pro Series and half Channel pin-outs, footprint dimensions, keep-out areas etc.

The N2887-60002 deskew fixture for N2887A and N2888A InfiniiMax Soft touch adapter helps eliminate timing skew between each channel down to