N2801A Agilent InfiniiMax III Series probe amplifier

N2801A Agilent InfiniiMax III Series probe amplifier
20 GHz
Key Features & Specifications

•20 GHz
•Tr = 27.1 psec
•DC attenuation ratio : 6:1 (3:1 with 200 Ω ZIF tip)
•Input voltage range : 1.6 Vpp (0.8 Vpp with 200 Ω ZIF tip)
•Input common mode range : ±12 V at DC to 250 Hz, ±2.5 V at >250 Hz (±6 V at DC to 250 Hz, ±1.25 V at >250 Hz with 200 Ω ZIF tip)
•Offset range : ±16 V when probing a single-ended signal
Input Impedance:
•DC input resistance : R diff = 100 kΩ ±2%, R se = 50 kΩ ±2%
•Input resistance @ >10 kHz : R diff = 1 kΩ, R se = 500 Ω
•Input capacitance : C diff = 32 fF, C se = 48 fF (with ZIF probe head)
•N5445A InfiniiMax III browser
•N5439A InfiniiMax III ZIF probe head
•N5444A InfiniiMax III 2.92 mm/3.5 mm/SMA probe head
•N5441A InfiniiMax III solder-in probe head
The InfiniiMax III probing system provides the highest bandwidth and incredibly low loading to allow for a completely new level of signal fidelity and accuracy. Four different InfiniiMax III probe amplifiers ranging from 16 GHz to 30 GHz are available for matching your probing solution to your performance and budget requirements. A proprietary 200 GHz fT InP (indium phosphide) IC process with backside ground vias and novel thick film technology is utilized for the InfiniiMax III probe system to accommodate your highest performance needs and is unmatched by any product in the market.

Key Features

•Full 20 GHz to the probe tip
•Industry’s lowest probe and scope system noise
•Industry’s highest fidelity and accuracy due to bandwidth and extremely low loading
•Probe amplifiers loaded with measured s-parameters for more accurate response correction
•Probe bandwidth upgradable
•Variety of probe heads for different use models with maximum usability