N1021B Agilent 18 GHz Differential TDR/TDT Probe Kit

N1021B Agilent 18 GHz Differential TDR/TDT Probe Kit
18 GHz

Key Features & Specifications

N1021B Differential TDR/TDT Probe Specifications
•Bandwidth 18 GHz
•100 Ohm nominal differential impedance
•Variable tip spacing: 0.0-2.54mm
•Spring loaded probe tips with independent Z-axis movement
N1021B Differential TDR/TDT Probe Kit Details
The N1021B is an ergonomically designed handheld probe to interface TDR/TDT modules such as the 54754A to printed circuit boards (PCBs) and components that lack common coaxial high-frequency connectors. The built-in wheel adjusts the pitch between the differential tips to make good contact to pads or access points spaced from closed to typical IC pins (2.54 mm).

Engineers working on high-speed differential electrical channels can analyze where the device under test (DUT) causes reflections that unfavorably affect the signal integrity (SI) of their designs. Manufacturers of printed circuit boards (PCB) can control process consistency from batch to batch, and/or locate the position of shorts, opens or other flaws.

The N1021B probe is used in conjunction with the following: a) the industry-standard 86100C Infiniium DCA-J Wideband Oscilloscope Mainframe, b) the 86100C-202 Enhanced Impedance and S-Parameter Software, and c) the 54754A Differential & Single-ended TDR-TDT Module. The N1021B probe launches small electrical steps in the DUT (device under test) and/or receives the response, which is processed and displayed in the time domain or as S-parameters (SDD11, SDD22, SDD21 or SDD22). Time-domain measurements can display the reflected voltages or observed impedances versus time or distance. S-parameter measurements include magnitude, phase and group delay.

The N1021B kit consists of these elements:
Qty. Description Replacement1:
1 Differential TDR Probe –
1 Pair of matched cables (1 m) N1021-60003
2 SMA Short (m) 0960-0055
2 SMA Load 50 Ohm (m) 1810-0118
2 SMA Adapter (f-f) 1250-1666
1 Adapter to positioners (includes two 2.5 mm screws and one Allen wrench) N1021-60008
1 ESD Wrist strap 9300-1367
1 ESD Wrist strap ground cord 9300-0980
1 ESD warning label stickers –
1 User’s Guide (either printed or on CD) –
1 Box with foam insert -