MP1800A-014 – Anritsu Pattern Generators

MP1800A-014 – Anritsu Pattern Generators
12.50Gbps (Max. Data Rate)
The MP1800 Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) is a measuring instrument that provides bit error rate and quality analysis for digital signals from 100 Mbit/s up to 12.5 Gbit/s. The modular design of the MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) series offers customers a flexible cost-effective solution for performing measurements at the ideal bit error rate.

The MP1800 SQA provides both Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and Error Detector (ED) in a single chassis. It allows for multi-channel support for parallel testing. Complicated searching for input thresholds or phase adjustments is simplified with the touch of a single key. It is ideal for research and development of high-speed logic, ICs, digital systems, FTTx, and PON.
•PPG and ED support in a single unit
•Expandable slot configurations
•Optical (SFP & XFP) and electrical interfaces availability
•Differential electrical interfaces
•43.5 Gbps and 48 Gbps BER measurement using 4CH PPG/ED when used with Anritsu multiplexer/demultiplexer
•Superior cost performance ratio by choosing model supporting required number of PPG/ED slots
•MP1800A chassis provides 6 slots for installing synthesizer, PPG, ED, Optical Interface modules
•MT1810 chassis provides four slots for installing PPG, ED, Optical Interface modules
•Windows XP GUI plus remote control over GPIB and Ethernet
•Easy to operate at high-security sites such as Data Centers because no built-in hard disk on MT1810 chassis

•Screen-based operation using Windows® XP GUI or remote commands over GPIB or Ethernet
•The 6-slot main frame accommodates a combination of synthesizer, PPG, ED, and Optical Interface modules (The synthesizer module uses 2 slots)
•4-channel PPG or ED operation is also supported when the MU181020A-030/130 is installed
•When used in combination with the Anritsu 43.5 Gbit/s MUX/DEMUX, the analyzer can function as a 43.5 Gbit/s BERTS
•Optimum cost performance is achieved by selecting the right main frame with the number of slots required for the PPG and / or ED modules (MP1800A-014/015/016)


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