MG3601A – Anritsu Signal Generators

MG3601A – Anritsu Signal Generators
1.04GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
Minimum Frequency 0.1 MHz Maximum Frequency 1040 MHz Frequency Resolution 10 Hz Time base stability 0.000002 /day Minimum Output Power -133 dBm Maximum Output Power 13 dBm Power Resolution 0.1 dB Output Accuracy 1 dB… •Minimum Frequency 0.1 MHz
•Maximum Frequency 1040 MHz
•Frequency Resolution 10 Hz
•Time base stability 0.000002 /day
•Minimum Output Power -133 dBm
•Maximum Output Power 13 dBm
•Power Resolution 0.1 dB
•Output Accuracy 1 dB
•Output Impedance 50 Ohm
•Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise -129 dBc/Hz
•Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise -117 dBc/Hz
•Harmonics (noise) -25 dBc
•Non-harmonics (noise) -60 dBc
•Modulation AM,FM,Phase
•External Modulation Inputs(Types) Yes
•SSB Phase noise <= -123 dBc/Hz (fc:500 MHz, f: 20 kHz), Residual FM: <=4Hz (fc: 500 MHz) •Excellent operability as result of relative value display, frequency memory (100 frequencies), and function memory (30 set of panel settings) Specifications Frequency Range Max. 1.04GHz Freq. Resolution 10.0Hz Output Power -133 dBm to +13 dBm Modulation AM, FM, Phase More Details Signal Generator