MD6420A – Anritsu Bit Error Rate Testers

MD6420A – Anritsu Bit Error Rate Testers
10.00Mbps (Max. Data Rate)

Bit error rate measurement is the most critical parameter in evaluating the quality of digital transmission modes. However, conventional methods, which measure only average bit error rates, are inadequate. In the MD6420A, various types of extension and remote control units are provided as options, as well as units which allow the use of various types of interfaces. The measuring conditions can be stored in memory and recalled prior to measurement with the touch of a single key. In addition, the analyzer is portable so that it can be used on site for maintenance operations. Features: Can measure a variety of devices from low-speed modems to high-speed digital lines Simultaneous error measurement of various error parameters Data will not be lost if a power failure occurs during measurement

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate
8192 kb/s

Pattern Depth
8 k words

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