M9381A-F03 – Agilent / HP Signal Generators

M9381A-F03 – Agilent / HP Signal Generators
3.00GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Agilent M9381A is the modular signal generator you’ve been asking for – one that provides Agilent quality and performance in the PXI form factor. It accelerates throughput by delivering new levels of speed in signal generation — fast RF tuning, baseband tuning technology innovation, versatile list mode, and more.

A typical M9381A configuration includes four individual PXIe modules – M9311A digital vector modulator, M9310A source output, M9301A synthesizer, and the M9300A frequency reference – designed for fast data interfaces and high-speed automated test systems. Instrument control is provided through a soft front panel and programmatic interfaces tuned to your application and development environment of choice.


Applications • Cellular picocell and femtocell test
• Handset component test
• Military, public safety and homeland security radio test
• Wireless device test and transceiver design validation
Functionality • License key upgraded frequency range and amplitude accuracy
• Reduces startup time with Agilent IO libraries easy configuration, one-step software install, and integrated instrument level VSG soft front panel
• PXIe
Performance characteristics • Frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 3 GHz
• 10 us switching speed with an exclusive baseband tuning technology innovation
• RF modulation bandwidth up to 160 MHz (± 0.3 dB flatness)
• Better than ± 0.4 dB absolute amplitude accuracy


Frequency Range Max.


Freq. Resolution

0.01 Hz

Output Power

+10 dBm


AM, FM, Pulse, Phase, Vector

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PXIe Vector Signal Generator