FSUP8 – Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers

FSUP8 – Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers
8.00GHz (High end frequency limit)
The Signal Source Analyzer R&S FSUP offers the user a high-end spectrum analyzer (R&S FSU) up to a maximum frequency of 50 GHz, combined with a phase noise tester based on the PLL method. In addition, the R&S FSUP is equipped with two independent, very low-noise DC ports. Supply voltage and tuning voltage can be individually defined for each port via a clear-cut menu, which enables control of external oscillators or a complete characterization. Like an FM/PM/AM demodulator  the R&S FSUP records the oscillator signal over time. With the functionality of a phase noise tester, time domain and spectrum analyzer combined into a single device with a maximum input frequency of 50 GHz, the R&S FSUP is the optimum instrument for development and production.
•Frequency range up to 8/26.5/50 GHz
•Up to 110 GHz with external mixers
•Maximum flexibility in phase noise measurements
•Complete characterization of oscillators
•Fast and easy operation
•Maximum sensitivity in phase noise measurements at 1 GHz input frequency
•Analysis of digital and analog modulated signals†
•Unrivaled dynamic range


High end frequency limit


Resolution Bandwidth Max.


Resolution Bandwidth Min.


Amplitude Range

DANL to +30 dBm

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