E5346A Agilent Mictor Probe-Single-ended, with 40-pin Cable Connectors

E5346A Agilent Mictor Probe-Single-ended, with 40-pin Cable Connectors

Key Features & Specifications

Signal Access
•34 channels: 32 single-ended data, 2 single-ended clock
Probe Performance
•3.0 pF equivalent load capacitance
•Equivalent to the logic analyzer data rate the probe is attached to
•Measure signals with as little as 500 mV p-p signal amplitude
•Provides convenient, reliable connection to target through Mictor connector
•Mictor connector is easy to incorporate into your design, Agilent number 1252-7431 or AMP number 2-767004-2
•Can be used with support shroud
Compatible With:
•Logic analyzers with 40-pin cable connectors Logic Analyzer Cable Connectors
•Support shrouds available for board thickness to 0.12 inches
•38-pin Mictor footprint
The Agilent E5336A Mictor probe provides a convenient and reliable connection to your target through a Mictor connector designed into your target. Route your signals of interest to the location containing the Mictor connector and when you are ready to measure these signals simply plug-in the Mictor probe. These probes can be used with a support shroud in environments where accidental unplugging of the probe is a concern. This probe can be used with any Agilent logic analyzer with a 40-pin cable connector.