E2570 – Spirent TDR

strong>E2570 – Spirent TDR
9800 (Max. Range)

The Spirent E2570 Combined TDR/RFL Handheld Tester is a unique, battery-powered test instrument that combines the power of a voltmeter, a time domain reflectometer (TDR), insulation resistance, and a resistive fault locator (RFL). With this series of measurements, field technicians can not only quickly locate typical line faults such as opens, shorts, and poor joints, they can also locate high-resistance insulation faults, including ground and battery contacts.

•Improve repair time by enabling field technicians to quickly and accurately locate faults
•Streamline testing by locating faults before climbing telephone poles, entering manholes, or digging
•Save time by beginning testing immediately after turning the unit on
•Up to 9800-foot TDR with 1% accuracy of range
•No dead zone, allowing measurement to 0 feet
•Display of distance to fault, distance to strap, and loop length in feet and meters
•Multiple gauges and temperature selections to improve accuracy
•Voltage measurement up to 250V
•LCD with backlight to enable easy visibility in indoor and outdoor locations
•Battery-powered, lightweight, and waterproof solution for all outdoor environments

Max. Range9800

Pulse Width Max.n/a

Pulse Width Min.n/a

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Combined TDR/RFL Tester