E1440A – Agilent / HP Sweeper Generators

E1440A – Agilent / HP Sweeper Generators
1.3GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Agilent E1440A function/sweep generator is a C-size, 2-slot, message-based VXI module. It provides low-distortion sinewaves and a variety of waveforms for applications requiring high frequency stability and resolution (11 digits). A programmable relative phase output synchronized to a companion module is also available. Two or more E1440A modules can be used for generating multi-phase related signals.

With this module, you can use the modulation source as an arbitrary function generator via GPIB to provide user-defined waveforms, or use the save-recall memory that includes nonvolative memory locations for simple and rapid access to frequently used test setups. Additionally, you can produce five different waveforms including: sine, square, triangle, negative, and positive ramps.

•Five different waveforms
•Multi-interval sweep and multimarker mode
•Amplitude and phase modulation
•1 µHz – 60 MHz TTL clock
•High-voltage output option, Isolated (floating) outputs
•Two or more Agilent E1440A modules for generating phase-related signals

Frequency Range Max.1.3GHz

Max. Output Powern/a


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Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator VXI Module HP E1440A