D3286 – Advantest Bit Error Rate Testers

D3286 – Advantest Bit Error Rate Testers
12.00Gbps (Max. Data Rate)

SDH/SONET Frame Synchronization Suitable for System
Burst Data Measurement Effective for Round-Trip Testing
Error Location Function to Locate Error Bits
Error Rate Measurement Function with Area Specification,
Effective for Measurement of ATM Cell
Automatic Adjustment to the Aimed Voltage at Optimum
Timing with Any Mark-Space Rate and WORD Pattern
0/1 Recognition for Error Bits
Monitor Output of Input and Clock Data Effective for
Evaluation of Jitter and Waveform Quality
Simple and Convenient Operating Environment with GUI
(Graphical User Interface)
Printer for Printing Measurement Results and Built-In FDD
for Storing Measurement Results and Setting Data
Options: OPT3286+70: Mixed pattern generation function

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate
12.0 GHz

Pattern Depth

More Details
Error Detector for SDH/SONET

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