CTS 710 – Tektronix Bit Error Rate Testers

CTS 710 – Tektronix Bit Error Rate Testers
622.00Mbps (Max. Data Rate)

52 Mb/s, 155 Mb/s and 622 Mb/s Transmit and Receive
DS1 and DS3 Testing (Optional)
Bit Error Rate Testing Including BIP Error Monitoring and Analysis
Payload Mapping and Demapping
Tributary Add, Drop and Test
Pointer Generation and Analysis
Alarms Generation and Analysis
DCC and User Channel Access
Simple User Interface
Automatic Setup
Rugged Modular Design, Customer Configurable
Disk Drive
IEEE 488.2 and RS-232C

Max. Data Rate

Max. Clock Rate

Pattern Depth

More Details
SONET Test Set

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