CSA8000B – Communications Signal Analyzer

CSA8000B – Communications Signal Analyzer
Specifically designed for high-performance communications applications, the CSA8000B Communications Signal Analyzer is the ideal tool for design evaluation and manufacturing test of data-com and telecom components, transceiver sub assemblies and transmission systems.

The CSA8000B generates measurement results, not just raw data, with time and amplitude histograms, mask testing and statistical measurements. It provides a communications-tailored measurement set that includes jitter, noise, duty cycle, overshoot, undershoot, extinction ratio, Q-factor, mean optical power and amplitude measurements for both RZ and NRZ signals.

In addition, mask testing of SDH/SONET, Gigabit Ethernet and other standards simplifies conformance testing.

A large, full color display helps you to discriminate waveform details. Color-grading of waveform data adds a third dimension, sample density, to your signal acquisitions and analyses.

Features & Benefits
•Automatic Communication Measurements (RZ and NRZ)
◦Extinction Ratio
◦Optical Power
◦Signal-to-Noise Ratio
•Wide Bandwidth (DC to 70+ GHz with up to 12.5 GHz Trigger)
•Automatic ITU/ANSI Mask Testing
•Normal, Infinite, Variable Persistence and Color Graded Display Modes
•Intuitive User Interface
◦Large Color Display (10 in.)
◦MS Windows Operating System
•Modular Architecture
•Fast Acquisition Rate Excellent Signal Fidelity (Jitter <800 fsec RMS – Typical) •FrameScan Acquisition Mode ◦Isolate Data Dependent Faults ◦Examine Low-power PRBS Signals ◦Eliminate Random Noise and Jitter Via Averaging ◦Windows 2000 for Enhanced Network Security Applications •Manufacturing/Testing for ITU/ANSI Conformance •Designing/Verification of Telecom and Datacom Elements